Get to know me quickly


Currently in Vidin, Bulgaria. Sometimes in Nessebar Old Town.


B.A. Mathematics and Informatics, 2016 (don’t worry, there’s no boring math stuff on this blog!).


Cooking, taking photos, hiking or just long walks in nature, traveling and exploring new cultures.

Get to know me a little better

I partner with people and brands who contribute positively to culture and the planet. I’m a good listener who loves visual details and humble, but powerful ideas.

I don’t like stuffy work. I prefer making things that breathe with humanity. I look for life in design everywhere: an unexpected font combination, a hand-drawn icon system or copy that reads like a conversation with someone you know.

I have been designing independently for artists, nonprofits and small businesses for over a decade. Prior to starting my own business, I worked as an art director at the software company Puzzlegramma. While there, I oversaw the development of print, TV, digital and integrated campaigns.

To give my eyes a break, I ride my bike around Vidin, cook meals from scratch and ponder how my dream apartment would differ from my actual one.

Here is where you can find me and where I find all my inspiration!